Bath Society of Botanical Artists


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BSBA is a Membership Group

We meet each Thursday in Winsley Church Hall, about six miles east of Bath. Most members come for either the morning or afternoon session, others may stay all day. Members paint whatever botanical subject they are interested in whether for themselves, or perhaps an up-coming exhibition. During the day we may help and advise each other, or share information, thoughts and ideas over lunch. We also keep each other in touch through regular newsletters.

Three or four times a year we invite highly experienced tutors to hold all-day workshops in different mediums to help us improve our skills. We also arrange occasional outings, depending on members’ interests, to Botanical Gardens, Arboretums or other collections of botanical interest.

We hold an exhibition of our work every other year on a subject chosen by members. The next exhibition theme has not yet been decided, but the exhibition will be held in Bath in October 2019. Please see the Exhibition page for information on our last exhibition held in 2017.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more

If you would like to know more, are interested in joining, or would like to contact one of our artists, please e-mail