Bath Society of Botanical Artists


All images and text © BSBA 2017

The Amazing World of Trees

Our latest Exhibition ran for three weeks in October 2017

at BRLSI, Queen Square, Bath

Over 100 framed paintings and original mounted work were exhibited,

and over 1,000 people visited the exhibition.

We had extremely positive feedback over the quality of the exhibition - not only

for the artworks themselves, but the information we provided on the important

role that trees play in our lives, their economic, environmental and ecological value,

and some of the threats from pests and diseases our native trees are facing.

A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who contributed to the exhibition

and the many visitors who supported it.

“My Life With Trees - and Theirs With Me”

Alan Power, Garden & Estate Manager at Stourhead and BBC Presenter,

gave a fascinating talk in support of this exhibition about his relationship

with trees, and his journey to being able to achieve his dream job of

working with them at Stourhead.

We had a fabulous turnout and it was a very enjoyable and stimulating evening.

All tickets were snapped up nearly a week before the event -

our apologies to those who weren’t able to obtain tickets.

The exhibition and talk would not be possible without the generous support of

The Finnis Scott Foundation and Sitec Engineering